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Visibility and Credibility: Our sites are seen as a high-authority websites, which ensures a vast and diverse audience reach. Associating with such a reputable news sites enhances brand credibility, signifying trustworthiness and quality to the audience.

SEO and Organic Traffic: High-authority sites like Business Insider, The AP, and Benzinga are favored by search engines, making backlinks from them valuable for improving search engine rankings. This leads to more organic traffic, increasing brand exposure and potential customer engagement.

Authority and Influence: Regularly publishing on high-authority platforms positions a brand as a thought leader in its field. This not only builds authority but also opens opportunities for networking and collaboration with industry leaders, further enhancing brand influence.



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Scott Davis


B2B Growth

This B2B Entertainment company has seen 350% increase in Organic Traffic since July of 2023.

B2C Growth

This multi location Medical Testing Diagnostic Company has seen a 25% increase in growth since August of 2023.

High Volume Traffic

This B2C Client was losing 500,00 visitors in Organic Traffic a month until they joined us in November of 2023


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